ICAO Annex 6, Part I, contains Standards and Recommended Practices adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization as the minimum Standards applicable to the operation of aeroplanes by operators authorized to conduct international commercial air transport operations. These international commercial air transport operations include scheduled international air services and non-scheduled international air transport operations for remuneration or hire.

The purpose of ICAO Annex 6 is to contribute to the safety of international air navigation by providing criteria of safe operating practice and to contribute to the efficiency and regularity of international air navigation by encouraging States to facilitate the passage over their territories of aeroplanes in international commercial air transport belonging to other States that operate in conformity with such Standards.

In addition to ICAO annexes European Commission Regulations should be considered to guarantee safe air operations. 

The provisions of the Regulation on Air Operations are published in several documents: Implementing Rules (published in the Official Journal of the European Union as Commission Regulation and subsequent amending regulations) and associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC), Guidance Material (GM) and Certification Specifications (published on the Agency website as Decisions).

Commission Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 on Air Operations includes provisions for commercial operations, for non-commercial operations and for specialised operations (e.g. aerial work).

TCAA Training Program (Air Operations):

  • Aircrew – Part ORA –ATOs, FSTD operators, GEN, management system, organization certificates
  • Air Ops – Part-ORO
  • Air Ops – Part-CAT
  • Air Ops – Part-SPA Performance Based Navigation 059/063/ATSO/PBN
  • Air Ops – Part-NCC
  • Air Ops – Part NCO
  • Air Ops – Part SPO
  • National Ramp Inspector Course
  • EASA SAFA/EU Ramp Inspector Recurrent Course
  • Instructor Training for Human Performance and Limitations
  • Dangerous Goods Training Course for SAFA Inspectors
  • European Flight Time Limitations: (EC REG 83/2014 – Subpart FTL)
  • Air Crew Commission Regulations (EU 1178/2011) and Amending Regulations
  • Dangerous Goods Inspector Initial Training (EASA)