Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA) has a good mix of training instructors.

TCAA has a Trainer Data Bank (TDB), listing trainers who could serve as visiting, contract basis, part time, and trainers available at adequate time notice. Due care is taken by the manager of the Training Design and Development Unit in selection of such trainers, and in evaluation of their performance. TDB also includes executives from the DGCA who are willing to work as a trainer as and when required.

Being a government regulatory body and licensing and compliance authority Turkish DGCA provides adequate number of instructors in its core functional areas. These are senior executives drawn from different Directorates for training instructor work and seconded to the TCAA for a specific period, not less than 3 years. Their mandate is to strengthen Training Unit of the area of their specialization, develop and deliver required number of courses and training course materials. Their mandate also includes, mentoring a junior executive from their Directorate, who will be capable of taking over and continue his role. Director of TCAA ensures that these trainers indeed perform role of class room training , and they get adequate time to prepare for their teaching work, material development etc.

The TCAA Trainer Data Bank (TDB) consists of professionals selected from government, academia and industry with a technical background complemented with the soft skills required for effective training. They are required to blend the theory with the practice and continuously improve their training skills.