Turkey was one of the founding members when the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was founded as a sub-organization of the United Nations with the Chicago Convention in 1944. Located at the junction point of Asia, Europe and Africa, Turkey is one of the countries with the world’s largest flight network – 318 destinations in total – thanks to its geographical position as a bridge connecting countries and continents. It also takes on an active role in terms of the sustainability of civil aviation on the global scale, and supports the development of global civil aviation activities in line with the aims of ICAO by sharing its current potential, abilities and experiences with its neighbours in the region.

The EU Commission has for some time seen Turkey as a key partner in aviation and the Council of the EU reaffirms this commitment in June 2016 when it authorised the Commission to start the negotiations with Turkey on a comprehensive air transport agreement.

Beside the already established aviation academies and training centres in Turkey there will be need for new academies in specialties for a country whose population is 78 millions and aiming top 5 in world aviation ranking.

The Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA) is the starting point, the basis and the model to establish a common and structured training programme.  The developments of training in all fields of aviation will pave the way of Turkey's becoming a global training center and the cooperation between these academies and TCAA will reach the goal.

EASA supports the partner countries’ integration into the EU system, in fulfilling their international obligations in the area of air safety and by fostering their knowledge of the EU’s aviation safety system. The Turkish Civil Aviation Academy will help to train the highly-skilled aviation professionals of the future in Turkey, in the region and in the world as a whole.