Turkish Civil Aviation Academy is built on 23.000 m2 area with a 15 Million Euro budget including construction, inspectorship, training capacity building of Academy and supply of technical equipment for the Academy.

Academy has 4 floors and 12.000 m2 confined space. General specifications of the building are as follows: 22 classrooms, 2 online examination centers, 1 conference hall (276 people capacity), 4 meeting rooms (total of 100 people capacity), 1 library, 1 cafeteria and several social areas. Academy has what is essential to provide high quality training with additional 8.000 m2 green field and 7.000 m2 car park space.

The TCAA is operated by Turkish DGCA and it is functional and sustainable according to the highest international standards.

TCAA at a glance:

  • 23000 m2 total campus area,
  • State of art 4 floored modern building,
  • 20 standard classrooms (with smartboards, projectors and LCD screens),
  • 3 CBT classrooms (Computer Based Training),
  • 1 Online Examination Center,
  • 1 Auditorium (276 people capacity),
  • 4 Meeting rooms (100 people capacity),
  • Library, cafeteria and social areas.