Main motives of the TCAA:

  • Providing aviation training compliant with international standards;
  • Enhancing the aviation safety and security capacity in Turkey and in the region;
  • Educating the next generation of aviation professionals; and
  • Creating mechanisms for sharing knowledge and experience between the aviation community for a safe secure and sustainable civil aviation.

The values that guide the TCAA:

  • OPEN to new methodologies to find the most effective ways for aviation training,
  • PROACTIVE in adapting its training programmes to prepare the aviaton community for upcoming challenges (UAS, cyber resilliance, commercial space travel etc.),
  • INNOVATIVE in using new technologies (VR, AR etc.) to provide the best service in the area of aviation training.

TCAA staff shape TCAA`s future; thus, TCAA staff:

  • is committed to the TCAA success and to uphold its values and interests,
  • focus on the client's benefit when designing TCAA training material, 
  • welcome competition, adopt an entrepreneurial approach and are prepared to take risks,
  • act with foresight and take responsibility for risks in order to achieve the objectives and develop new business sectors.

TCAA stands for global excellence; thus, TCAA staff:

  • continually improve the quality of work, focus on results and make sure that resources are used efficiently,
  • aim to maximise training performance,
  • use TCAA diverse instruments flexibly to achieve targets and develop innovative training solutions,
  • work transparently and apply sound pedagogical principles,
  • assure quality by setting professional and technical standards according ICAO, ISO and EU Acquis and ensuring that they are applied,
  • create space for innovation and support the implementation of new ideas.

TCAA provides a friendly environment to its staff with shared values and mutual respect; thus, TCAA staff:

  • treat each other with respect and fairness, provide mutual support and are trustworthy and accountable,
  • engage in constructive and critical dialogue, observe the given code of conduct, are loyal and stand by decisions taken,
  • assume responsibility for maintaining TCAA`s capacity to perform,
  • promote diversity and equal opportunities,
  • promote gender equality, create an atmosphere of trust, provide guidance and ensure that staff maintain their capacity to perform,
  • take decisions and assume responsibility for them.

TCAA promotes cooperation; thus, TCAA staff:

  • foster a culture of cooperation within the TCAA, network internally and externally and make use of alliances,
  • are aware of different roles and act with political and intercultural sensitivity,
  • take on responsibility together with the partners for achieving objectives and implementing change processes,
  • strive to find a balance between different interests,
  • actively promote cooperation with other aviation training providers,
  • establish access to networks and ensure that the TCAA is seen as a strong cooperation partner.

TCAA promotes dynamism; thus, TCAA staff:

  • see change as an opportunity, welcome challenges and look for suitable solutions, even in unpredictable situations,
  • learn from experience, criticism and evaluations,
  • share the knowledge,
  • are flexible, take on new tasks and actively enhance their employability,
  • shape change processes and help to embrace change,
  • recognize and foster employees’ strengths and potentials and identify development opportunities.