With its growing population, rapid urbanization and being an active regional commercial base, Turkey is developing its civil aviation and airport infrastructure tremendously. Over the past decade, Turkey has experienced an impressive growth in its civil aviation sector and expects double-digit growth in the years to come. Of course, this growth has brought out a need of well trained and qualified personnel. In terms of sustainability and to enhance flight safety at the same time, the need of well-educated personnel capable and willing to meet the future challenges has emerged. Training is of vital importance for providing these human resources.

As being partners in the region, the EC and the Republic of Turkey co-funded a project to establish a Training Center in Istanbul to further develop and stabilize Turkey as a regional center for aviation training, by means of establishing the Turkish Civil Aviation Academy (TCAA) operated by the Turkish DGCA.

TCAA in cooperation with the already existing academies and universities will pave Turkey´s way to become an aviation training hub providing high quality aviation training. Thus, TCAA will enhance the safety and security capacity not only in Turkey, but also in the region and the world.